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Welch & Lenton Trademark as printed on the card on which the bookmarks were mounted for posting
to Bollans
    Welch & Lenton, 1 Bailey Lane, Coventry
    (Note some early Stevens bookmarks bear the woven credit T. Stevens, Manuftr. Coventry. Welch & Lenton, Drafts)

(Also note that many of the bookmarks are identical to E. Bollans, and have been cross referenced accordingly.)

Several bookmarks have been seen that are identical to either Welch & Lenton or Bollans recorded bookmarks but which have no manufacturers name woven on the reverse. This would imply these weavers also made bookmarks for other sellers on a commission basis. Occationally in this catalogue there are titles recorded where the actually bookmark does not have a weavers name, although the silk is undoubtedly of Welch & Lenton or Bollans manufacture.

owe4 **   A BIRTHDAY / (rose & bud) / Let this pledge . . (excellent quality image)
owe8 ** as obo8 A BIRTHDAY with scene, Let this pledge . . (reasonable quality image)
owe12 ** as obo12 A Birthday / (flowers) / May all thy birthdays . . (excellent quality image)
owe16   as obo16 A Birthday Gift / (oval of leaves, with words:) Birthday wish . . (excellent quality image)
owe20 **   A BIRTHDAY GIFT / May peace enfold . . (excellent quality image)
owe24   as obo24 A BIRTHDAY GIFT / WHEN THIS LITTLE BOON . . (excellent quality image)
owe28 ** as obo28 A BIRTHDAY GREETING / (flower wreath) / The return of thy . . (excellent quality image)
owe32 ** as obo32 A BIRTHDAY WISH / (flowers) / Dear friend tis my wish . . (excellent quality image)
owe36 ** as obo36 A Birthday / Wish / (flowers) / Many happy returns . . (excellent quality image)
owe37     A / BIRTHDAY / WISH / (flowers) / Many happy returns . . (horizontal band at pointed end) (excellent quality image)
owe38     A / BIRTHDAY / WISH / (flowers) / Many happy returns . . (4 leaf device at pointed end) (excellent quality image)
owe44   as obo44 A / Birthday Wish / (flowers) / May your life to . . (excellent quality image)
owe48 **   A / BIRTHDAY / WISH with flowers, May your life to . . (excellent quality image)
owe52     A BLESSING / (flowers) / God bless thee, dearest . . (excellent quality image)
owe56   as obo56 A BLESSING / (flowers) / Let My Blessing . . (excellent quality image)
owe61     A BLESSING / (flowers) / May heaven's blessing . . (excellent quality image)
owe65     A Blessing / May your lot be . . (excellent quality image)
owe66     A Blessing / May sunshine gild thy path . . (excellent quality image)
owe68 **   A BLESSING / (flowers) / May your heart . . (excellent quality image)
owe72   as obo72 A Blessing / (coloured landscape) / May your heart . . (excellent quality image)
owe76 **   A BLESSING with rose & 3 buds, Summer smiling summer, . . (excellent quality image)
owe80   as obo80 A CHRISTMAS GREETING / cross / At this glad season . . (excellent quality image)
owe84   as obo84 A FRIEND'S BLESSING / (rural scene) / Summer smiling . . (excellent quality image)
owe88     A HAPPY BIRTHDAY / MAY SUCCESS . . (excellent quality image)
owe92 **   A HAPPY BIRTHDAY / Softly I greet the . . (excellent quality image)
owe96   as obo96 A Happy Christmas / (village street) / A Happy Christmas . .
A Happy Christmas / I Wish to thee (excellent quality image)
owe100 ** as obo100
A HAPPY CHRISTMAS inside oval of leaves, Though times . . (excellent quality image)
        (ribbon on flowers) A Happy New Year - see: owe480 - May Peace and Love . .
owe104     A Happy New Year / (farmer, donkey & cart) / May Peace and Love . . / Protect Your Heart . . . (excellent quality image)
owe110     A / LOVE TOKEN / The dearest wish . . (excellent quality image)
owe118     A Merry Christmas / (old man) / A Happy Christmas . . (excellent quality image)
owe124   as obo124 A Merry Christmas To You (image of country scene) (excellent quality image)
owe128   as obo128 (robin on holly branch) / A Merry Christmas To You (excellent quality image)
owe136     A Merry Christmas to you / Merry Christmas to thee . . . (with 2 robins and leaves) (excellent quality image)
owe137     A Merry Christmas to you / (globe with words: Peace on earth goodwill to men) / Here's merry Christmas come (excellent quality image)
owe140     A NEW YEARS GIFT / This comes with the . . . / (robin) (excellent quality image)
owe144 ** as obo144 A NEW YEAR'S WISH / (flowers) / May the New Year . . (excellent quality image)
owe148 **   A WISH / I WOULD NOT WISH THEE WEALTH ALONE . . (excellent quality image)
owe152 ** as obo152 Abide with me with five verses (excellent quality image)
owe156 **   Affections Offering / God Bless thee . . (excellent quality image)
owe157     Affections Offering / Pure and true . . (excellent quality image)
owe160   as obo160 Affections Token / As dewdrop in a flower . . (excellent quality image)
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