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Morgan & Scott Ltd.

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    Morgan & Scott Ltd., 12 Paternoster Buildings, London, EC4
    name woven on several bookmarks, but probably not manufactured by them.
omo10 A Birthday Greeting / The Lord bless thee (Series 1217/6) (excellent quality image)
omo20 God is mine helper (Series B620/5) (excellent quality image)
omo30 Have faith in God (Series B620/1) (excellent quality image)
omo40 In me is thine help (Series B620/3) (excellent quality image)
omo45 Mizpah / The Lord Watch (excellent quality image)
omo50 Our Father which art In heaven (Lord's Prayer) (Series 1217/1) (excellent quality image)
omo60 Prayer changes things (Series B620/4) (excellent quality image)
omo70 Thy word is a lamp (Series 1217/4) (excellent quality image)
    There are two recorded STEVENS bookmarks, sb304: A wish / I wish that happiness may, and sb2568: With best wishes for your birthday, which have been seen still attached to the original backing paper, on which is printed:
"Manufactured for Messrs Morgan & Scott Ltd., 12 Paternoster Buildings, London, EC4, By Thomas Stevens Ltd."
Of note is that Stevens became a Ltd company in 1906, suggesting Morgan & Scott were selling these bookmarks around that time.

Included with the images of the bookmarks above is the title " A Birthday Greeting / The Lord bless thee ", and this is still attached to the stiff backing paper on which is printed the same 12 Paternoster Buildings address. This was of course the same London address as Stevens. Of interest though is that this bookmark also has a " Series " number woven on the reverse, and as several other Morgan & Scott Ltd bookmarks also have a Series number, this suggesting that all their bookmarks were made by the same weaver.

It was initially thought that " Marshall, Morgan & Scott Ltd " was a re-named extension of Morgan & Scott Ltd. Now however that more images of both companies are available, this would seem unlikely, and the Marshall, Morgan & Scott Ltd bookmarks are now listed separetely.

Most of the Morgan & Scott Ltd bookmarks have religious verses, although none are quotations from the Bible. The Marshall, Morgan & Scott Ltd bookmarks however are all actual quotations from the Bible, and are quite different.


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