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Typical J. & J. Cash bookmark


manufactured by J. & J. Cash

J. & J. Cash made, and indeed still make, a hugh number of bookmarks, initially of silk, although now they are made from man-made fibres. In their heyday, Cash's produced bookmarks in the UK, in Australia and in the USA.

The Bookmark Society produces regular Newsletters, holds members meetings and also produces " Occasional Papers " reporting on their own research. In March 2011 one such Occasional Paper was produced, recording all the Cash's bookmarks made in Great Britain. This paper was updated in July 2016 with the addition of all the new bookmarks made in the UK by Cash since 2011.

I am grateful to The Bookmark Society (TBS) who not only gave me access to these two papers, they also gave me permission to reproduce the content as the catalogue of this web site. Being research papers, they record a great deal of information relating to topics such as changes in the format of the Cash's woven logo; different copyrights on otherwise identical bookmarks; and many other details. This web site however does not attempt this level of detail, and only essential differences in design are recorded.

In total, The Bookmark Society recorded 811 entries. Within this total however are 85 recording the specific details mentioned above; resulting in 726 of the original TBS titles being recorded on this site. In the catalogue which follows, the Reference Number allocated by The Bookmark Society for these 726 titles is recorded.

Note however that the TBS Occasional Papers did not record bookmarks made in Australia or the USA, whilst this site does, and with these additional titles, this site currently records a total of 768 titles.

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