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Other Silk Manufacturers

      Spurcroft Ltd., Macclesfield
  osc10 The Infirmary Macclesfield (1993) (excellent quality image)
  osc14 Kershaw Fountain & Chadwick Free Library (1994) (excellent quality image)
  osc18 High School for Girls on Fence Avenue (1996) (excellent quality image)
  osc22 108 Steps Macclesfield (by S A Horsley 1973) (excellent quality image)
  osc26 Macclesfield School of Art (excellent quality image)
  osc30 Borough of Macclesfield crest (excellent quality image)
  osc34 Map of Cheshire (2002) (excellent quality image)
  osc38 Fairground (excellent quality image)
  osc42 Lord's Cricket ground (good quality image)
  osc46 Brierley Mill (excellent quality image)
  osc50   HMS Victory
Few of the Spurcroft silks have the picture title printed on the front nor the weavers name woven or printed on the front. Many though, have a label stuck on the back, recording the fact the picture was woven by Spurcroft.
Most, but not all, of their pictures also have a second label on the reverse giving the pictures title, and limited additional information.
Both these labels, where present, are recorded with the relevent record.

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