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Other Silk Manufacturers

    Franklin & Sons
Franklin's were based in Coventry, between 1835 and 1963, and later moved to Banbridge, Northern Ireland. At that time they become known as William Franklin & Sons Ltd.
Whilst only a few of the titles recorded below were woven in Coventry, this catalogue attempts to be a complete record, no matter where actually woven.
  ofr10 Anne Hathaway's Cottage (excellent quality image)
  ofr20 Bladon Church (excellent quality image)
  ofr30 Blenheim Palace (excellent quality image)
  ofr35 Fish - Rudd (excellent quality image)
  ofr40 Shakespeare's birthplace (excellent quality image)
  ofr61   Shakespearian Characters No. 1 (excellent quality image)
  ofr62   Shakespearian Characters No. 2 (excellent quality image)
  ofr63   Shakespearian Characters No. 3 (excellent quality image)
  ofr64   Shakespearian Characters No. 4 (excellent quality image)
  ofr65   Shakespearian Characters No. 5 (excellent quality image)
  ofr66   Shakespearian Characters No. 6 (excellent quality image)
  ofr81 1951 Calendar (fish)
  ofr82 1952 Calendar (egyptian weaving)
  ofr88 1991 Calendar (National Trust (N.I.) Castle Ward, Co. Down)
  ofr118 Coventry Cathedral - 1962 (Consecration of the Cathedral) (excellent quality image)
  ofr122 Coventry Cathedral (excellent quality image)
  ofr126 Guilford Cathedral (excellent quality image)
  ofr142 Rushen Abbey (excellent quality image)
  ofr154 Trinity College Dublin (college crest in silver & gold) by Wm Franklin and Son (NI) Ltd
  ofr158 Westminster Abbey 1065 - 1965 (excellent quality image)
  ofr162 William Shakespeare 1564 - 1616 (excellent quality image)

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