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Cartwright & Sheldon

Other Silk Manufacturers

      Cartwright & Sheldon, (also known as Seandess)

  ocs2 St. Michael's Church, Macclesfield (1951 : calendar) (excellent quality image)
  ocs4 108 Steps (1973) (good quality image)
  ocs6 The Kingfisher (excellent quality image)
  ocs8 The Mallard (excellent quality image)
  ocs10 The Magpie (excellent quality image)
  ocs12 The Cat (who walked alone) (excellent quality image)
  ocs14 The Squirrel (excellent quality image)
  ocs16 The Young Fox (excellent quality image)
  ocs18 Silver Jubilee 1977 - Queen Elizabeth II (commissioned by Great House Tapestries) (excellent quality image)
  ocs20 St. Michael's Church, Macclesfield (re-woven version of 1951: 1978) (excellent quality image)
  ocs22 The Iron Bridge (limited edition of 500: 1979) (excellent quality image)
  ocs24 Macclesfield Silk Weaving: The Last Handloom Weaver (1981) (good quality image)
  ocs26 Macclesfield Silk Weaving: (paisley design) (excellent quality image)
  ocs28 The Last Handloom Weaver (re-woven by Adamley Textiles, from same cards, for the Silk Museum) (good quality image)
  ocs102 Woven in Pure Silk, by Seandess, to (1978) (excellent quality image)

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