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H. H. Calmon

Other Silk Manufacturers

      H. H. Calmon & Co. Ltd.,
Keighley, West Yorkshire

  As well as making pictures and bookmarks with their name either printed or woven in, it is believed that Calmon also produced the woven pictures sold by the National Railway Museum, York (under the Leemangraph name) and under the Wilmas Galleries name.
The catalogue below records all the individual titles attributed to Calmon, no matter whose name appears on the tapestry.
  As named weaver:
  oclm4 Picture: Church Kneeler - Seven Swans a swimming (excellent quality image)
  oclm204 Bookmark: 1970 Calendar (excellent quality image)
  Under the LEEMANGRAPH name:
  ole2 Locomotive No: 2 (Lord Howe steam train with two carrages) (excellent quality image)
  ole4 Mail coach (excellent quality image)
  ole6 Mallard (steam engine) (excellent quality image)
  ole8 Inter-City 125 (excellent quality image)
  ole10 Stephenson's " Rocket " (excellent quality image)
  Under the WILMAS GALLERIES name:
  owg8 Express Mail (excellent quality image)
  owg12 Royal Mail (excellent quality image)
  owg16 Western Mail (excellent quality image)
  owg20 Four in Hand (excellent quality image)
  owg34 Stephensons Rocket (excellent quality image)
  owg38 Stephensons Triumph (excellent quality image)
  owg46 Inter City (excellent quality image)
Calmon label stuck over a Wilmas Galleries back label
Calmon label stuck over a Wilmas Galleries back label

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