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Other Silk Manufacturers

{The term " Leemangraph " was invented by the National Railway Museum, York (no doubt mimicking Stevens), although the actual weaving was done by H. H. CALMON & Co. Ltd., Keighley, Yorkshire.}
  ole2 Locomotive No: 2 (Lord Howe steam train with two carrages) (excellent quality image)
  ole4 Mail coach (excellent quality image)
  ole6 Mallard (steam engine) (excellent quality image)
  ole8 Inter-City 125 (excellent quality image)
  ole10 Stephenson's " Rocket " (excellent quality image)
Back label found on all woven pictures. Confirms that whilst the pictures are signed:
they were actually woven by H. H. CALMON & CO. LTD, Keighley, Yorkshire, and made from polyester and viscose rayon.
reverse label of these pictures, giving details of all pictures available, together with makers details
back label found on all of these pictures
Also recorded on this site is an outlet called " WILMAS GALLERIES ". This company would appear to be nothing more than a marketing outlet, and evidence would suggest that some of the silk pictures recorded under their name are identical to those recorded above. As such, it would seem that H. H. CALMON & CO. LTD made their pictures available to multiple outlets.

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