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manufactured by William H Grant

  Calendar Title
      Calendars (woven and mounted on card or as full size pictures)
gc636 postcard Calendar 1891 (reasonable quality image)
gc638 postcard Calendar 1904 (excellent quality image)
gc639 postcard Calendar 1905
gc642 postcard Calendar 1922 (calendar woven into silk) (excellent quality image)
gt223 picture Calendar 1923 - Golly!! Don't I like chicken. (excellent quality image)
gt224 picture Calendar 1924 - Lady Godiva horseback statue and verse by Tennyson (small size) (excellent quality image)
gt225 picture Calendar 1925 - The Way to Success (excellent quality image)
gt226 picture Calendar 1926 - THINKING (excellent quality image)
gt227 picture Calendar 1927 - Keep On Keepin' On (excellent quality image)
gt230 picture Calendar 1930 - Lady Godiva horseback statue and verse by Tennyson (as 1924, but larger size) (excellent quality image)
gt231 picture Calendar 1931 - Comin' thro' the rye (excellent quality image)
gt232 picture Calendar 1932 - There's plenty of business about (excellent quality image)
gt233 picture Calendar 1933 - Lady Godiva statue (standing figure & stained glass window - small size) (excellent quality image)
gt234 picture Calendar 1934 - Crinoline lady (Lady and sedan chair) (excellent quality image)
gt235 picture Calendar 1935 - Eastern Scene (untitled scene with figure in ruined doorway) (excellent quality image)
gt236 picture Calendar 1936 - White Wings (tea clipper sailing ship) (excellent quality image)
gt237 picture Calendar 1937 - At Your Behest (depicting an equestrian knight) (excellent quality image)
gt238 picture Calendar 1938 - A Refresher (huntsman raising his mug of ale) (excellent quality image)
gt239 picture Calendar 1939 - Bathing Beauty (untitled scene) (excellent quality image)
gb153 bookmark Calendar - 1953 (excellent quality image)
gb154 bookmark Calendar - 1954 (excellent quality image)
gt256 picture Calendar 1956 - Cleopatra (excellent quality image)
gt257 picture Calendar 1957 - The Stile (winter scene with girl gathering holly) (excellent quality image)
gt258 picture Calendar 1958 - Lady Godiva statue & stained glass window (as 1933 but larger size) (excellent quality image)
gt259 picture Calendar 1959 - Alighting Mallard duck (excellent quality image)
gt260 picture Calendar 1960 - Tropical fish (untitled scene) (excellent quality image)
gt261 picture Calendar 1961 - Gathering grapes (untitled scene)

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