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Mellor Bros.

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    Mellor Bros., Macclesfield
ome4 Bookmark or badge: Centenary May 6, 1896 / Macclesfield Sunday School . . . (excellent quality image)
ome6 Bookmark: 1975 Calendar (excellent quality image)
ome8 Bookmark: 1977 Calendar (excellent quality image)
ome9 Bookmark: 1978 Calendar (excellent quality image)
ome30 Greetings Card: Nelsons Column (excellent quality image)
Comments: Geoffrey Godden notes that Mellor's name is woven on several bookmarks, but was probably not manufactured by them.
With the donation of the image of bookmark ome4 (see above), closer inspection of the design and weave is possible.
The weave quality and layout is un-like any of the Coventry weavers, and is also unlike any other weaver's work that I have seen.
It would seem to me that Mellor was in fact the weaver of this silk, and is not the work on any other manufacturer.

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