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E. K.

Other Silk Manufacturers

    E. K., London
    name woven on several bookmarks, but probably not manufactured by them.
There is a great deal of overlap of titles, but not designs, with Marshall, Morgan & Scott Ltd, and also with G.J.C., London, who also have " EMMANUEL SERIES " woven on the reverse of some of their bookmarks.
oek10 As thy days, so shall thy strength be (excellent quality image)
oek20 God shall supply all your need (excellent quality image)
oek40 He careth for you (The Emmanuel Series) (excellent quality image)
oek70 Mizpah - The Lord Watch between me and thee (excellent quality image)
oek80 My Grace is sufficient for thee (excellent quality image)
oek130 Sincere Wishes / Rock Of Ages (The Emmanuel Series) (excellent quality image)
oek140 With Every Good Wish (The Emmanuel Series) (excellent quality image)
oek160 With Kind Thoughts (The Emmanuel Series) (excellent quality image)
oek170 With Kind Wishes (The Emmanuel Series) (excellent quality image)

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