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manufactured by William H Grant

  Picture Title
gt474 974 Lady Godiva statue (standing figure) - see also: 1958 Calendar (excellent quality image)
Machinery Hall / World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893 (excellent quality image)
      Man and woman gathering grapes - see 1961 Calendar
      Man of War (ship) - see gt60: A British Man O' War
gt504 1025 Netherbow Port, The
      Newcastle Jubilee Exhibition - see gt552: 'Royal Jubilee Exhibition and Grounds'
gt516 989 Old Bishopsgate (excellent quality image)
gt518 1028 Old Edinburgh Street, The (excellent quality image)
gt520 1048 Old London Street, The - see also: gt810: 'Ye Olde London Streete') (reasonable quality image)
gt521   Old London Street, The (untitled silk) (excellent quality image)
gt523 1030 Old Tolbooth, The (International Exhibition of Art, Science, Commerce and Industry, Edinburgh 1886) (excellent quality image)
gt525   On the Clyde (excellent quality image)
gt531   Palace of Electricity and Château d'Eau, Paris
gt540 1053 Railway scene (untitled scene) (excellent quality image)
gt552 998 Royal Jubilee Exhibition and Grounds, Newcastle-on-Tyne (reasonable quality image)
      Royal Yorkshire Jubilee Exhibition, 1887 - see gt582: 'Saltaire Exhibition'
      Sailing ship entering harbour (untitled scene) - see 1936 Calendar
gt582 1000 Saltaire Exhibition
gt590   Souvenir of the Cork Exhibition, 1902 (exhibition buildings) (excellent quality image)
gt592   Souvenir of the Cork Exhibition, 1902 (Blarney Castle) (excellent quality image)
gt593   Souvenir of the Cork Exhibition, 1902 (Rapids Killarney) (excellent quality image)
gt600   Souvenir of the Irish International Exhibition, Dublin 1907 (with fountain)
gt601   Souvenir of the Irish International Exhibition, Dublin 1907 (no fountain) (excellent quality image)
gt612 1009
Souvenir woven in the Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893
      Stile, The - see 1957 Calendar
      Stonehenge - see gt330: 'Druidical remains at Stonehenge'
      Street view with two women central - see gt521: 'The Old London Street (untitled silk)'
      Street view with woman and child central - see gt520: 'The Old London Street', or see gt810: 'Ye Olde London Streete'
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