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manufactured by Thomas Stevens

se001 Ribbon with words: H.M.S. DUNCAN (excellent quality image)
se003 Ribbon with word: PRETORIA (excellent quality image)
se005 Ribbon with word: THE TRUE UNION / JUSTICE FOR IRELAND (excellent quality image)
    Medals with ribbons
se007 Medal with ribbon: CAST THY BREAD UPON THE WATERS (excellent quality image)
se009 Medal with ribbon: JUBILEE 1887 (excellent quality image)
se011 Medal with ribbon: St. GEORGE'S (excellent quality image)
    Favours, Political Emblems & Badges
se041 Portrait of Mrs Cleveland (President's wife) (excellent quality image)
se043 Portrait of Mr Grover Cleveland (President) (excellent quality image)
    Rosette with the portrait of the Princess of Wales, the central button with Prince of Wales feathers
    Small Rectangular Silks
    These silks are rectangular, with fringes at both ends and measure typically 5cm by 7cm (2 inch by 3 inch). Only a few have the Stevens trademark, although in comparison to these, it is believed all those listed below were made by Stevens.
se201  A bright New Year
se203  A Happy Christmas may this be and very many may you see (with Stevens trademark)
se205  A HAPPY / CHRISTMAS TO YOU (with Stevens trademark)
se207  A joyful Christmas
se209  A merry Christmas
se211  For You and yours a happy Christmas (with Stevens trademark)
se213  Many happy returns of the day
se215  May Christmas bring you every joy
se217  May peace and joy this Christmas day, keep every bitter care at bay (with Stevens trademark)
se219  May the New Year prove to be blest with peace and joy for thee (with Stevens trademark)
se221  May you many New Years see and each year more happy be
se223  May your Christmas be happy and your New Year bright (with Stevens trademark)
se225 May your Christmas be woven in happiness (excellent quality image)
se227  Wishing you a happy Christmas (with Stevens trademark)
se229  Wishing you a joyous Christmas
se231  Wishing you a merry Christmas (with Stevens trademark)
se233  Wishing you a merry Christmas and many of them
se235  Wishing you many happy returns of the day
se239  With birthday wishes may birthday joys be thine, prosperity and health; and those great gifts of heart and soul, that make eternal wealth
se241  With Christmas Wishes / May Christmas joys be thine, / Prosperity and health; / And those great gifts / Of heart and soul, / That make eternal wealth.
se243  With sincere wishes for a happy Christmas
se245  With the compliments of the season
se247  With the season's greetings
se301 Silk book front: My Album (excellent quality image)
se302 Silk book front: If you will look within my book (excellent quality image)
se310 Needle case - A Present from the Crystal Palace - May Thy Life be full of Joy (excellent quality image)
se311 Needle case - A Present from the Crystal Palace - Wishing You Prosperity and Peace (excellent quality image)
se314 Needle case - Crystal Palace view (excellent quality image)
se320 Needle case - Royal Porch - With Sincerest Wishes (excellent quality image)
se323 Needle case [with flowers] - With Best Wishes (excellent quality image)
se332 Pin cushion - A Present from the Crystal Palace (excellent quality image)
se334 Pin cushion - Forget Me Not (in shape of bellows) (excellent quality image)
    Silk Edged Cards & Cushions
    Birthday card - silk edged with two coloured printed sheets contained in original box, the lid with Stevens stamp
    Valentine card - silk edged cushion with coloured printed panel to one side contained in original box, the lid with Stevens stamp
    Sash of the Ancient Order of Foresters
    Fan, made of ebonised wood sticks, inlaid with mother-of-pearl, woven with 'Full Cry' picture
    Printed Items
se801 Printed Christmas Card fan (excellent quality image)

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