Can You Help Identify Who Made These Silks?

Below are images of a number of woven pictures and bookmarks; some of which appear to be from the Victorian period, and others from more recent times.

We do not know who made these items, and would really like to know.

Do you know who made them?

If you can help, please send me an e-mail with the details to:
"daws.peter    at"    -    only please replace "at" with "@"

Thank you.

unknown4   updated: 12 November 2018
This enquiry was of a silk bookmark of Benjamin Disraeli, made by the L & S weavers.
This record has now been moved to a dedicated L & S page, within the Other Weavers section.

unknown3   Rachel Andrews sent me this image. It was clearly a royal favour, as the original pin position can be clearly seen.
Unfortunately there is no name woven on the turn over.
Stevens is known to have produced these type of royal favours [such as sb564 and sb566], again with no name (identified as they have registration numbers).
Grant too though also produced royal favours [with five titles starting with Coronation, but with no images yet].
Do you have any more information which might help identify who did weave this favour?
unknown3 - bookmark
the image of this bookmark
kindly donated by
Rachel Andrews, Great Britain


unknown2   updated: 29 March 2016
This bookmark has now been positively identified as having been made by Stevens, exactly as Georg Hartong suggested, and can be found as:-
sb1868 - " (4 flags on pole) / Souvenir woven in The Worlds Columbian Exposition Chicago 1893 / (building) / Administration Building and the Star Spangled Banner . . / Welcome To All Nations "

unknown1   Georg Hartong sent me this image, and commented as follows:
Attached is a silk bookmark, very likely woven by Stevens, but there is no credit on the bookmark itself. All extra silk has been cut away at top and pointed end.
Why woven by Stevens?
  -  there is a connection between Stevens and the 'Exposition Universelle d 'Anvers en 1894', see the scenic stevengraph st148 = Sprake 117 = Godden p.133, plate 93 and $17
  -  the national colours of Belgium at the top are used in the same way as the USA-ones on the Stevens Souvenir bookmarks of the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893
  -  the bookmark is probably only woven at the Exposition where Stevens probably was present and showing products.
Georg has a very convincing point, except perhaps for a couple of minor concerns:-
Firstly, Stevens produced very few bookmarks to celebrate exhibitions, whilst Grant produced a great many.
Secondly, the image of the people are not typical of Stevens, but are very typical of Grant.

As this bookmark is in coloured silk, it is almost certain to have been made in Great Britain; the question is by whom?

Can you confirm this is a Stevens bookmark? Do you have any more information which might help identify who did weave this bookmark?
unknown1 - bookmark
the image of this bookmark
kindly donated by
Georg Hartong, The Netherlands


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