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E. Bollans & Co. Trademark as printed on the card on which the bookmarks were mounted for posting
obo440 ** unknown (lily) / (oval with words:) LIKE THE LILY FAIR . . (excellent quality image)
obo456   unknown Many Happy returns of the Day (registered 8 November 1870)
obo464 ** unknown MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY / (flowers) / My heart breathes . . (excellent quality image)
obo468 ** unknown MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY inside "C" shaped flowers, The Return of . . (reasonable quality image)
obo472   No. 60 Many Happy Returns of the Day / (country scene) / The Return Of Thy Birthday . . (excellent quality image)
obo480 ** unknown MAY PEACE AND LOVE (ribbon with "A HAPPY NEW YEAR" over flowers)
obo488   No. 35 Merry Christmas with rich group of flowers and verse
obo492   No. 52 Merry Christmas with coloured landscape and motto
obo496   No. 54 Merry Christmas with group and verse
obo500   No. 18 Mizpah
obo512 ** No. 44 MY DEAR FRIEND / (lily branch) / Like the lily fair . . (excellent quality image)
obo520 ** No. 15 MY DEAR FRIEND / (flowers) / Remember Me! in the . . (excellent quality image)
obo548   No. 51 MY WISH / (street scene) / Kind words can never die (excellent quality image)
obo552 ** No. 67 MY WISH / (flowers) / May peace enliven each . . (excellent quality image)
obo560   No. 46 Nearer my God to Thee (reasonable quality image)
obo562   unknown Nearest to my heart there lieth / (A Happy Christmas inside group of holly, berries & blue flowers) (excellent quality image)
obo568   No. 75 Remember Me / (flowers) / Remember well and fondly . . . (excellent quality image)
obo576 ** No. 71 Rock of Ages with 3 verses (excellent quality image)
        Royal Wedding with portraits of H.R.H. Princess Louise and The Marquis of Lorne - see obo376 (H.R.H. Princess Louise)
        Scott, Sir Walter - see obo616 (The Last of All The Bards)
obo588   No. 17 Sincere Affection / (flowers with word; AFFECTION) / What shall I ask to . . (excellent quality image)
obo592 ** unknown SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN . . / (kneeling child) / Gentle Jesus . . (excellent quality image)
obo596 ** No. 80 SWEET THOUGHTS OF THEE / (flowers) / I think of thee . . (excellent quality image)
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