Stephensons Rocket

Attributed to Wilmas Galleries

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owg 34  

{picture with people in red clothing}
Framed woven picture of Stephensons Rocket  
{same picture, with people in blue clothing}
Framed woven picture of Stephensons Rocket  


Stephensons Rocket
Of Woven picture: 6.0cm tall by 14.0cm wide
Of wood frame: 18.5cm tall by 27.0cm wide
There is a label attached to the reverse of this picture, stating that the tapestry was woven in Yorkshire, without giving a name.
The Wilmas Galleries, Coventry name is also printed, and in the absence of any other information, the picture is recorded under their name.
printed back label, with Wilmas name
printed back label, with Wilmas name

It is perhaps worth noting that the National Railway Museum, York commissioned several tapestries from H. H. CALMON & CO. LTD, Keighley, Yorkshire. One of those, titled " Rocket " is almost identical to the picture above (the difference being the position of the young man running next to the carriage: in the image above he is next to the carriage; in the Leemangrph he is behind).
It seems probable that Calmon made woven pictures for a number of different outlets.

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