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gc 16 953a No Postcards listed by Sprake not listed

Colour image of Her Majesty Queen Alexandra

Woven on Silk:-



Printed at bottom of card:-


cm long by cm deep

cm long by cm deep

The image of Her Majesty Queen Alexandra is exactly the same as that of the Grant portrait silk [go52 on this site], except that the bottom 2 cm has been omitted from this silk. This leaves off the banner and registration number normally found on the portrait silk.

Godden records this postcard as being different to the normal one [gc12 on this site] with the registration number.

On close inspection too, it can be seen that the image of Her Majesty's face has been elongated in comparison to the normal one.

In order to fit into a standard postcard window, the silk has been mounted lower in the card mount, and this gives the impression that the registration number has been omitted.

This postcard does not have the usual Grant credit in the lower left corner, although the image is of Grant origin, as too is the destinctive border design.

Colour image of Her Majesty Queen Alexandra
elongated face postcard image.           normal postcard image.

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