Her Majesty Queen Alexandra

(postcard version of portrait with reg. no. 370915)

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:- Radley Number:-
gc 12 953 No Postcards listed by Sprake listed - type A

same portrait with a very early border design
same portrait with earliest recorded border design
same portrait with red card
same portrait with red card
usual portrait of Her Majesty Queen Alexandra
Colour portrait of Her Majesty Queen Alexandra

Woven on Silk:-

RD NO   Q   370915


Printed at bottom of card:-
W. H. GRANT & Co.
cm long by cm deep

cm long by cm deep

This silk is recorded on the Grant price list and catalogue as number 105.

This image is exactly the same as the Grant portrait of Queen Alexandra [go52 on this site], although reduced in size of course.
There is a second postcard design [gc14 on this site] in which both sleeves of Her Majesty's dress are cut off abruptly.
There is also a third postcard design [gc16 on this site], in which Her Majesty's face is elongated.

There is a Grant postcard with a minor variation to the design above, in which, by careful inspection, it can be seen that above the lion and unicorn, there is a crown obscuring the bottom of the Royal Standard [gc20 on this site].
In the version above, the harp on the lower segment of the Royal Standard is clearly visible, whereas the crown occupies this space on the variant.

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