Rosette - Queen Victoria Jubilee - 1837 - 1887

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:-
gr 140 not recorded Sprake did not list any Grants

Rosette with two portraits of Queen Victoria, one at her accession, the other at her 50th Jubilee
{Rosette with two portraits of Queen Victoria}



woven silk button in centre of rosette

portrait of Victoria
as a young woman
portrait of Victoria
as an older woman
1837  +  1887
Size of Silk:

Rosette: cm diameter
Button: cm diameter

Ribbons: cm long by cm wide.

Alternative back-ground colours:


It is unknown if there is any signature on the reverse of these ribbons, as they are bought together behind the button.
However, the ribbon on the right, of the older Queen, has been issued as a bookmark, with the title " GOD SAVE THE QUEEN " (recorded as gb635), and that is known to have the GRANT name woven on the reverse top turn-over.
By implication, as they are attached, the ribbon on the left, of the younger woman, must also be of GRANT manufacture.

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