Hunting scene

[Experimental version]

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:-
sc 224 not listed not listed

Experimental postcard with small rectangular silk depicting a hunting scene
the image of this silk postcard kindly
donated by the President of
The Stevengraph Collectors Association

Woven on silk:-
{small rectangular picture of
a hunting scene}
Printed on card:-

cm long by cm deep

cm long by cm deep


Chris Radley, in his book "The Woven Silk Postcard" discusses the Stevens Experimental cards. He records that whilst there is no evidence on the cards themselves to attribute production to Stevens, nevertheless a member of the Stevens family confirmed that these cards had been handed down through the family.

As can be seen from the image above, the card itself is not at all like any other Stevens postcard, and the scene is a completely new topic.

It is unlikely these cards were released for general sale, being used instead by the Stevens family for personal use.


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