Image of General Redvers Buller, with signature on right side of image


Tugela. Relief of Ladysmith Feb. 28th 1900
(with signature)

Reference Number:- Sprake Number:- Godden Number:-
so 132 STG41 93
Woven on silk:-
(woven on ribbon)
Tugela. Relief of Ladysmith Feb. 28th 1900
(signature of Buller)
RD: 356338 

Printed at bottom of card-mount:-

17.8cm deep by 12.7cm wide

10.7cm deep by 6.1cm wide

by Sprake:

by Godden:
General the Rt Hon. Sir Redvers Henry Buller was born on 7 December 1839. In 1858 he entered the army in the 60th Rifles, serving in China, the Ashanti War, the Kaffir War, the Zulu War and the Sudan War. He was a General in South Africa in 1899-1900 and was General Officer Commanding in Natal, conducting the operations for the relief of Ladysmith and subsequently those which resulted in the expulsion of the Boer army from Natal. General Buller retired in 1906 and died on 2 June 1908.

The Buller portrait silk was registered at the Patent Office on 21 April 1900, the registration number 356338 being often found woven at the bottom centre of the silk. The number may also be stamped on the label. However, an early version does not have the woven registration number but the words 'Registration applied for' printed on the card-mount.
The words 'Tugela. Relief of Ladysmith. Feb. 28th 1900' are woven on a ribbon, and the signature 'Buller' normally appears near the right edge (as the image above); but the signature was sometimes omitted, especially on the earlier issues [see so 136].
This silk seems to have been copied from a photograph by Knight which appeared in the first issue of The Sphere on 27 January 1900 with the caption 'Sir Redvers Buller V.C. leads the Troops in Natal'.
The title 'GENERAL BULLER' was first listed on label 31+32. 

Other comments:
This silk was registered on 21st April 1900 (number 356338). 

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