Perfumed card

Another Christmas day has come

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First printed card:
first perfumed card in this folder
Another Christmas Day has come
May all be love and peace
And hallowed joy within thy home,
And care and sorrow cease.
Middle two printed cards:
A happy New Year to thee I send
And countless blessings without end.
middle two perfumed cards in this folder
May dear old Christmas brightly shine
And be a season of delight!
May every thought be pure of thine
And peace and joy in thee unite.
Last printed card:
A happy New Year
A Happy New Year!
May pleasure be thine,
Myrtle and roses
Thy forehead entwine.
last perfumed card in this folder


cm high by cm wide

The cards above are fastened inside an early version of paper fold over. It would seem in the early days that Stevens did not print his name of the individual cards, as none of the above cards has either his name nor initials.
front cover of this perfumed card

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