Perfumed card

A Christmas devoid of all sorrow and care

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First printed card:
first perfumed card in this folder
A Christmas devoid of all sorrow and care
Sincerely I wish it may be!
Your pathway be strewn with the choicest of flowers
From strife and adversity free!
Middle two printed cards:
May the New Year be
A glad one for thee.
middle two perfumed cards in this folder
Again we hail the smiling morn,
Let all around be gay,
May joys unnumbered on thee dawn
On dear old Christmas day.
Last printed card:
Welcome happy Christmas
Bringing pleasant cheer,
Bringing loving memories
Of those that we hold dear.
last perfumed card in this folder


cm high by cm wide

The cards above are fastened inside an early version of paper fold over. It would seem in the early days that Stevens did not print his name of the individual cards, as none of the above cards has either his name nor initials.

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