Silk Edged Boxed card

For Love's sweet sake

Reference Number:-

Front card attached to woven silk cushion:
first card attached to woven silk cushion
For love's sweet
sake I send to you
A Birthday greeting fond and true

back printed card:
last printed card in this box
A Birthday Wish
May love and hope this happy day
Their fairest wreaths be twining
To fling upon thy joyous way
Where friendships star is shining
May joy upon thy steps attend
God's blessing on thy life descend.


Printed card: cm high by cm wide

This card was originally attached to the box with a silk thread, although as can be seen, it has now been removed.
It comprises a woven silk cushion on which is fastened a small printed card, and to the back of the cushion, a much larger printed card. On the inside of the box lid is printed the Thomas Stevens logo.
The front card has no makers identification. The card attached to the back though has the printed " T.S. " initials which define it as being of Thomas Stevens manufacture, and the printed number 04.
At one time it was assumed the printed number on the card defined the card design. However, these numbers are repeated on multiple different designs, so the relevance of the number is hence unknown (unless perhaps it is a short hand for the artist/designer, rather than the design, for such as royalty payments).

view of box in which this card was originally attached:
{note the hole where the silk thread would have gone through}
view of original box

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