Her Majesty Queen Victoria

Woven by John Caldicott

Reference Number:-  
oca 310  

sash with two colour portrait of Queen Victoria as a young woman


close up view of portraits:
close up of two colour portrait of Queen Victoria as a young woman

woven garlanded border incorporating
Scottish thistle, Irish shamrock
and English rose below portrait.


portrait of
Queen Victoria
as a young woman

Her Majesty



Each Silk: 20.3cm high by 9.5cm wide
length of sash is unknown. The sash is framed and folded under to form the display.

Alternative back-ground colours:
Woven in colour

There is no weavers name on this silk, although it can be attributed to Caldicott since the woven portrait is identical to the signed version of Queen Victoria, recorded as oca208 on this site.

The two ends of the sash each have a portrait of the Queen, facing each other. The sash has been folded under itself, framed and mounted in a modern frame to display the silks at their best.
It is nevertheless interesting that if this sash had ever been worn, the portraits would have been upside down - a sure sign of disrespect to the Queen?
Is it therefore possible that, whilst the portrait silks are undoubtedly by Caldicott, the actual sash was home made?

Whilst the right hand portrait silk is identical to the recorded Caldicott portrait of Queen Victoria [oca208 on this site], the left hand version is a mirror image which has not been recorded on its own. This portrait must hence be considered as unique.
It should also be noted however that the portrait silks on this sash are some 3.5cm longer than the normal version of oca208.


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