Sulgrave Manor


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Brocklehurst-Whiston (BWA) silk picture view of George Washington's ancestoral home - Sulgrave Manor, Northamptonshire
The image of this silk was very kindly donated by Mary Brittan, UK.

Woven on silk:-
B.W.A. 1960
Printed at bottom of card mount:-
 Woven in Silk
Brocklehurst-Whiston, Macclesfield, 1960
Sulgrave Manor
The Home of George Washington's Ancestors

Legend printed on inside cover of card mount:-
George Washington, the first President of the United States of America, was a great-grandson of Colonel John Washington who left England to settle in Virginia in 1656. For almost a century before then, Sulgrave Manor in Northamptonshire, England, had been the home of the Washington family.

Card mount:
19.5 cm deep by 24.5 cm wide

7.4 cm high by 15.0 cm wide

Technical Details supplied by Lewis Cowen:
First Sketch:    Mr Cyril Holland
Design Draft:Mr Wm Hine
Card Cutter:Mr William Stubbs
Weavers:Miss Pauline Ridgeway
Miss Ethel Garside
Design No:Z.14010

by Lewis Cowen:
In 1960 SULGRAVE MANOR, a house in Northamptonshire became the third woven silk picture to feature a subject not directly connected with Macclesfield. It was probably created as another attempt to break into the American market, and might well have fared only marginally better than the Avro York of 1946, on which similar hopes had been pinned.

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