Cheshire Building Society

(printed on silk)


Reference Number:- Sprake Number:- Godden Number:-
obk 120-11 not listed printed silks not recorded

printed view of Cheshire Building Society Chief Office, Macclesfield, in 1995
the image of this printed silk picture was kindly donated by Gillian Birch, Macclesfield, UK.

Printed on silk:-
Hand Printed On Silk
Printed at bottom of card mount:-
Cheshire Building Society - Chief Office, Macclesfield
First Edition
Card mount:
20.2cm deep by 25.9cm wide

12.7cm high by 18.6cm wide

This picture was a limited edition issue of 700, framed behind glass with a description printed on a loose insert which was glued to the rear.

1995 was the Society's 125th anniversary, and the picture shows the Castle Street site after its redevelopment.

printed back label
printed back label, attached to the reverse of this silk picture.

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