A Birthday

Many happy returns . .

Woven by E. Bollans & Co.

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obo 39   unknown  

Bookmark with title words, image of rural scene
the image of this bookmark
was kindly provided by
Jenni Redman, Great Britain


A Birthday


image of rural scene

Many happy
returns of
the day of thy Birth,
Many seasons
of Sunshine
be given;
And may God
in his mercy,
prepare thee on Earth,
For a Birthday
of Glory in
Not recorded by John High in his unpublished list
Size of Silk:

22.0cm long by 5.5cm wide

Alternative back-ground colours:

Signed: "E. BOLLANS & Co. LEAMINGTON." on reverse top turnover.

Bollans logo on the reverse top turn over of this bookmark
The top of this bookmark has been trimmed, and most of the woven name has been removed.
There is however just enough to be able to " fit " Bollans logo; in particular, it is possible to see " LEAMINGTON " reasonably clearly.


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