Woven by E. Wilson, Macclesfield

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The North Pier, Blackpool

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Size of Silk:

cm high by cm wide


by Godden:
In his discussion of other silk weavers, Godden adds the comment about Wilson, and this silk in particular:

The amusing Stevens-type picture of the North Pier, Blackpool, bears the credit 'E. Wilson, Silk Manufacturer, Macclesfield'. The back contains a story-label setting out the details and costs of this pier and the pavilion where '. . . all the star artists of the day perform from time to time.' It is unlikely that E. Wilson produced only this design but, to date, no other pictures have been reported. 

by Sprake:

Other comments:
The reverse that Godden spoke about is:

The North Pier, Blackpool - Reverse side label
IN December, 1861, the advisability of Erecting a Pier was taken into practical con
      sideration, and a year afterwards a Company was formed, the initial capital being 12,000. The plans
      of Mr E. BIRCH, C.E. were adopted, and he was also appointed Engineer of the scheme. The tender

of Messrs. LAIDLAW, of Glasgow, was accepted, the amount of the contract being 11,540, and small sums
were paid for foreshore rights and the ground beyond the foreshore water mark. Captain FRANCIS PRESTON
formally inaugurated the new undertaking by driving the first pile into the marl on the 27th June 1862. The
works received considerable injury the following October and it was thought advisable to raise the height
three feet above the altitude first decided upon: this necessitated an outlay of an additional 2,000. At the
time the total length of the structure was 1,405 feet. On the deckway were erected several ornamental shelter and
refreshment houses, and lamps were placed along the whole length on either side. In 1867 and extension or iron
jetty was constructed, at a cost of 6,000; in 1869 the present entrance was constructed, at a cost of 2,700,
and in 1874 the Company arranged with the erecting contractors to enlarge the Pierhead by putting out two
wings, from the designs of Mr Birch, thus adding to the already vast expenditure on the North Pier of 14,000.
    In the Pavillion concerts are frequently held, and all the star artists of the day perform from time to time.

     This View of the Pier is woven in Silk, and contains close upon 3,000 silk ends. Manufactured
by E. WILSON, Macclesfield; Designed by GUSTAVE HOVE, Gt. King Street Designing Works,

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