Ornate ribbon with words
G.I.O.L.C. Corks.

Convivial. Benevolence. Unity

Woven by H. Slingsby and Sons.

Reference Number:-  
osl 72  

sash with central picture
sash with central picture


G. I. O. L. C.



all seeing eye


two men shaking hands





Size of Silk:

cm long by cm wide

Alternative back-ground colours:
The "SLINGSBY & SON. NUNEATON" name has been stamped on the reverse in ink.

The recorded design was woven onto the right hand side of the long sash. The left hand side being reserved for various other designs to designate the official position of the wearer, in this case for " PAST CAPTAIN MERIT ".

sash with central picture   printed credit on reverse of this sash

G.I.O.L.C. Corks = Grand Independent Order of Loyal Caledonian Corks

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