Sash with words 'AOS'

Woven by H. Slingsby and Sons.

Reference Number:-  
osl 40  

sash with central picture


[image of all seeing eye]

[image of lamb holding a banner]
[being the symbol of the]
[Ancient Order of Shepherds]

[also visible is the metalised tassle]





Size of Silk:

In total the ribbon is 130.0cm long, foldered into a circle, by 6.5cm wide, with the central design being 17.5cm long.
The remainder of the sash is of the same purple background, with white stripes down each side. The ends are bought together in a taper, ending with the metalised tassle and is not shown in full.

Alternative back-ground colours:
This silk is not recorded by Godden.

The "H. SLINGSBY & SON. MANFR: NUNEATON" name is usually stamped on the reverse using an inked stamp. Part of this is visible on the reverse of this sash, although the diamond registration mark is unfortunately not visible.

This sash is of the organisation, "THE ANCIENT ORDER OF SHEPHERDS".
The latin words translate to " THE LORD IS MY SHEPEHRD".

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