Ribbon with words
Honorary Member

Unity, Benevolence & Concord

Woven by H. Slingsby and Sons.

Reference Number:-  
osl 32  

sash with central picture




motif of all seeing eye
and stag

{Foresters shield}  

A. O. F.

ribbon with words:

Size of Silk:

cm from top to bottom by cm wide

Alternative back-ground colours:
by Godden:
This silk is not listed by Godden 

Other comments:
As can be seen, this design is in two basic parts:
First is the " Honorary Member ".
Second is the design and initials of the " Ancient Order of Foresters ".
The design of the AOF is identical to that recorded with PCR instead of the Honorary Member, recorded as osl 28.

Rather than weaving in their name, Slingsby tended to stamp it on the back of his silks, using ink. This was in the form of a large oval, and if the design was registered, with the Diamond Registration mark inside.
There is just such a stamping on the reverse of this ribbon, although unfortunately very little can be seen.
The top of the Diamond Registration Mark can be seen, although not the actual date, and as Slingsby was the only weaver to stamp the reverse of his designs, there can be little doubt his name was also printed around the border of the oval.

stamped logo on reverse of this sash

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