P.C.R. / A.O.F. / Unity, Benevolence & Concord

(registered 5 May 1868)

Woven by H. Slingsby and Sons.

Reference Number:-  
osl 24  

Long sash type ribbon with images of typical Ancient Order of Foresters symbols, and words





image of all seeing eye,
stag and Foresters shield



ribbon with words:


Size of Silk:

In total the ribbon is 131.5cm long by 6.4cm wide, with the central design being 20.5cm long.
The remainder of the sash is of the same rose background, with green and white stripe, together with freyed ends, and is not shown in full.

Alternative back-ground colours:

by Godden:
This silk is not listed by Godden 

Other comments:
Rather than weaving in their name, Slingsby tended to stamp it on the back of his silks, using ink. This was in the form of a large circle, with the Diamond Registration mark inside.

This ribbon does not have the circle; having only the stamped Diamond Registration mark, with the date of registration on 5 May 1868.
There is obvious concern about the absence of Slingsby's name, although as no other weaver stamped their silks, there must be a high degree on comfort that this silk is indeed by Slingsby.

A.O.F. = Ancient Order of Foresters

P.C.R. = Past Chief Ruler

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