Sash with words
Ancient Order of Free Gardeners

Woven by H. Slingsby and Sons.

Reference Number:-  
osl 20  

silk panel, with typical mystical symbols, attached to long sash
the image of this silk kindly donated by Dougie Melville, Great Britain



image of all seeing eye,
and other symbolic imagery



A                                   N


image of Adam and Eve, with serpent,
in the garden


O                                   S



Size of Silk:

cm long by cm wide

Alternative back-ground colours:

by Godden:
This silk is not listed by Godden 

Other comments:
Slingsby tended to stamp their name on the back of the silks, using ink. This was in the form of a large circle, with the Diamond Registration mark inside. This sash though has a silk panel attached to the sash, with their name clearly woven on the front.

long sash with attached silk with typical mystical symbols

Extract courtesy of Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon A.F. & A.M. ( :-

From Ms. rituals it would appear that the lodge officers were the Master, two Wardens, Chaplain and Inside and Outside Tylers. There were three degrees: Apprentice (based on Adam in the Garden of Eden), Journeyman (based on Noah's Ark) and Master Gardener (based on King Solomon).

The letters A. N. S. and 0 which refer to the three Grand Master Gardeners (Adam, Noah and Solomon) and the Olive sign.

Whilst the Order started in Scotland, spreading to England much later, the sash above is believed to be that of the British Order of Ancient Free Gardeners.

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