Brierley Mill

Woven by Spurcroft Ltd, Macclesfield

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osc 46  

SPURCROFT woven silk of Brierley Mill
view of the John L Brierley Limited, Huddersfield mill, known as Brierley Mill
For comparison purposes, picture of " Pride of Huddersfield ", by Ashley Jackson,
as found on John L Brierley Limited, Huddersfield web site
Pride of Huddersfield picture by Ashley Jackson in 1993
Of Frame mount: 31.2cm deep by 42.5cm wide
Of Silk picture: 15.0cm deep by 26.5cm wide
There is no credit woven on the front, although on the reverse is a label confirming the weavers to be " SPURCROFT ".

The title words BRIERLEY MILL are similarly not woven on the silk. However, the company, John L Brierley Limited, Huddersfield, a family owned textile manufacturer and merchant, have on their web site a picture of their mill. This picture is shown for comparison purposes along side the woven Spurcroft silk above.

It would seem that the artist Ashley Jackson (1940 - ) produced a picture of their mill in 1993 to celebrate their 1883 - 1993 centenary. Jackson's picture was titled " Pride of Huddersfield ", and is the picture copied from Brierley's web site, and shown above.
It is believed that Brierley's commissioned Spurcroft to weave this same picture, although it is not known whether for sale or to be given away to employees/customers/etc.. There is some confusion however as I have found reference that Brierley's actually wove this picture themselves.

label on reverse of woven silk picture, confirming it was woven by SPURCROFT
label on reverse of this picture

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