The Lord Watch


Woven by Morgan & Scott

Reference Number:-  
omo 45  

Bookmark with title words and words of a prayer
the image of this bookmark was kindly
donated by the President of
The Stevengraph Collectors Association


The Lord
. . watch . .
between .
me and thee
when we are
absent from
one another.
Size of Silk:

cm long by cm wide

Alternative back-ground colours:
Signed: "MORGAN & SCOTT. LONDON" on reverse at top turnover

image of woven credit on reverse top turnover of this bookmark

Other Morgan & Scott bookmarks have the woven credit on the reverse as " LTD ", and this is missing from this bookmark, implying this was of an earlier manufacture.

This bookmark was probably not woven by Morgan & Scott at all, as another bookmark woven by STEVENS has been seen with the words " Manufactured for Messrs Morgan & Scott Ltd., 12 Paternoster Buildings, London, EC4, By Thomas Stevens Ltd. " printed on the stiff backing paper.

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