Sincere Wishes
Rock Of Ages

(The Emmanuel Series)

Woven by E. K.

Reference Number:-  
oek 130  

Bookmark with words
the image of this bookmark
kindly donated by the President
of The Stevengraph Collectors Association
{image of women hugging a cross}
Rock of Ages
Nothing in my hand
I bring:
Simply to thy Cross
I cling:
Naked, come to thee
for dress:
Helpless, look to thee
for Grace:
Foul, I to the
Fountain fly:
Wash me, Saviour,
or I die.
Size of Silk:

15.2cm long by 3.8cm wide

Alternative back-ground colours:
Signed on the TOP turnover: " THE EMMANUEL SERIES "
Signed on the BOTTOM turnover: " E. K. LONDON    BRITISH MAKE "
reverse top turnover of this bookmark   reverse bottom turnover of this bookmark

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