(Style 8007)

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not yet allocated Cash-picture0418  

J & J Cash woven picture of a pair of goldfinches
the image of this woven picture
was copied, with permission,
from the Cash's web site.


Of tapestry: cm high by cm wide
CASH'S issued a limited series of just six pictures in mid 2023 (four new designs and two re-issued designs), selling at £16.95. These pictures were backed onto a piece of card and finished with cellophane packaging. They were no longer supplied in frames; the customer had to arrange framing themselves, hence the image above being of a loose silk.

CASH'S web site records this picture with the title " GOLDFINCHES ", and Style Reference Number 8007.

Below is a list of these limited edition pictures, mostly of birds, but also one historical building. Several of these pictures have a woven border recording that those pictures were designed by Jennifer Bell, in 2009. In the picture above, this credit is woven down the right hand edge, as shown below:

credit to Jennifer Bell, and copyright date of 2009 woven down the right hand side of this J & J Cash woven picture

file reference No: Picture Title  
cash-picture0417 Ducks (Style 8006)  
cash-picture0418 Goldfinches (Style 8007) - image above  
cash-picture0419 Kingfisher (on rope) (Style 8003)  
cash-picture0420 Owl (stood on post) (Style 8001)  
cash-picture0005 Bluetits (Re-issue of Style 8005)  
cash-picture0001 Coventry Cathedral (Re-issue of Style 8008)  

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