Three Pictures in One Frame

Transport of Yesteryear

horse drawn dray, hot air ballon & canal barge)

Catalogue Number:- Reference Number:-  
not yet allocated Cash-picture0380  

J & J Cash woven picture with three pictures in one frame; being horse drawn dray, hot air ballon & canal barge

Words woven on tapestries:

{three individual oval pictures}

Words printed of matt:

Transport of Yesteryear
Of outer frame: 26.0cm deep by 48.0cm wide
Each tapestry: 12.5cm highest by 8.0cm widest
The individual tapestries are recorded as framed pictures:-
cash-picture0289.html - Horse drawn dray
cash-picture0290.html - Hot air ballon
cash-picture0288.html - Canal barge

On the reverse of the mount is attached three individual labels identifying the pictures

labels attached to reverse of this triple picture

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