Paddington bear

(playing golf - with FOUR)

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not yet allocated Cash-card0365  

J & J Cash woven card, with title words only: Paddington Bear, but woven image of Paddington playing golf, saying FOUR


{image of Paddington playing golf,
with four golf balls in a tower
and he is calling FOUR}
Of card: cm deep by cm wide
Of tapestry: cm deep by cm wide
These same tapestries were also issued as framed pictures. It is worth noting that as a picture, there is usually a red edge to the actual tapestry, whilst as a Greetings Card there is a single printed line a small distance from the edge.
In the image above, the thin red line can be seen clearly, suggesting this tapestry was issued as a Greetings Card.

Pictures of the same Paddington Bear series are also recorded in the PICTURES category of this site.

There is printed on the reverse of these cards confirmation that they were made by CASH'S, together with a copyright notice for the Paddington & Company Limited.

J & J Cash name printed on the reverse of this woven card

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