Monarch butterfly

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not yet allocated Cash-card0186  

J & J Cash woven butterfly card, with no title words, but picture of a Monarch butterfly


image of a Monarch butterfly
greeting card which has been framed
Of card: cm deep by cm wide
Of tapestry: cm deep by cm wide
CASH'S produced tall pictures of butterfly and flowers. The greeting card above is an extract from one of these pictures, recorded as cash-picture0045: Monarch (or Milkweed) butterfly & Butterfly Weed, and focuses on just the butterfly.

This greeting card was recorded in the CASH'S 1995 Sales Catalogues, as part of their Luxury BUTTERFLIES series, and with series Number 240. The luxury cards are larger than the CASH'S standard cards.

Other titles also recorded in this series include:

file reference No: Card Title Collection
cash-card0186 Monarch butterfly - the image above 240  
cash-card0187 Orange Tip butterfly 243  
cash-card0188 Peacock butterfly 242  
cash-card0189 Red Admiral butterfly 239  
cash-card0190 Swallowtail butterfly 241  

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