Great Brown Owl

with ivy leaves

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not yet allocated Cash-card0398  

J & J Cash woven card, with no words, but with a picture of a Great Brown Owl


{image of a Great Brown Owl}
Of card: cm deep by cm wide
Of tapestry: cm deep by cm wide
CASH'S name is not woven on this tapestry. CASH'S however encouraged owners to frame these woven cards after use to make a picture, and many of these cards are now found in personalised frames, as the image above. On the rear of this card frame is the CASH'S label.
As a picture, there is usually a brown edge to the actual tapestry, whilst as a Greetings Card, as above, there is a single printed line a small distance from the edge of the tapestry.

The actual design of the tapestry is identical to the image part of the CASH'S bookmark, recorded as cash-bm628: The Great Brown Owl - stood on prominent branch.

Image of the CASH'S label attached to the rear of this frame:

J & J Cash label attached to the rear of this frame

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