Unknown date

Happy Christmas
(woman collecting holly & ivy)

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not yet allocated Cash-card0288  

{view of front cover}
J & J Cash's own Christmas card, of un-known date of issue


{image of the woman collecting holly & ivy}
{view of both inside pages}
inside view of J & J Cash's own Christmas card of un-known date
With best wishes
J. & J. Cash Ltd. Torrington Avenue, Coventry, CV4 9UZ
Of card: 13.0cm deep by 9.0cm wide
Of tapestry: cm deep by cm wide
As well as making Christmas cards for sale, CASH'S also made Christmas cards for their own use, presumably for staff, customers and suppliers.

This particular card is of un-known date, although on the back cover of this card, wording has been " X'ed " out. A very close inspection of these words show that it was originally the address of CASH'S at Kingfield Road. CASH'S vacated that site in 1984, implying that this Christmas Card was probably issued in 1984 too.

close up of X'ed out words on rear cover of this card

A very similar card was also issued by CASH'S for sale to the public. The difference being that in the CASH'S own card above, below the lady's feet is woven a line of grass, and this grass is missing from the card on general sale.


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