(Card with attached mini-bookmark:)

Catalogue Number:- Reference Number:- The Bookmark Society Number:-  
not yet allocated Cash-bm0614 M52  

Cash's woven bookmark titled: STRAWBERRY, normally attached to a gift card


bookmark attached to a Cash's Greeting card,
with title word:
Of card: cm deep by cm wide
Of tapestry: cm deep by cm wide
This bookmark is from the CASH'S Fruit series. The full list of this series being:
file reference No: Bookmark Title:
cash-bm0142 Apple    
cash-bm0168 Blackberry    
cash-bm0223 Cherries    
cash-bm0485 Pear    
cash-bm0495 Plum    
cash-bm0614 Strawberry - image above    

The Bookmark Society record that CASH'S allocated a Reference Number of 352 to this bookmark.

As can be seen in the image above, this is a stand alone woven bookmark, although it would orignally have been issued attached to a CASH'S greeting card.

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