The Pine Tree Fairy / Holly Fairy

Catalogue Number:- Reference Number:- The Bookmark Society Number:-  
not yet allocated Cash-bm0493 283  

J & J Cash woven bookmark, with title words, and image of two fairies


{image of a fairy in a pine tree}
The Pine Tree
{image of a fairy in a holly tree}
The Holly
Of bookmark: cm long by cm wide
Of card: cm long by cm wide
The Bookmark Society record that CASH'S had allocated an Issue Number of 951 to this bookmark. It was believed to have been isued in 2004.

CASH's issued five bookmarks in this FAIRY series, being:

file reference No: Bookmark Title:
cash-bm0322 The Geranium Fairy
cash-bm0493 - the image above The Pine Tree Fairy / Holly Fairy
cash-bm0499 The Poppy Fairy
cash-bm0521 The Red Clover Fairy
cash-bm0723 The Winter Jasmine Fairy

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