King Charles III Coronation 6th May 2023

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J & J Cash woven bookmark, with title words, King Charles III Coronation 6th May 2023
the image of this woven bookmark
was copied, with permission,
from the Cash's web site.


{bookmark covered with images of the Coronation crown}
circular device,
with words inside:
{image of crown, and emblems of the UK}
Of bookmark: cm long by cm wide
Of card: cm long by cm wide
From the Cash web site, it is known this design is titled EMBLEM.
This bookmark is one of a series of three designs created to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III on 6th May 2023. The three bookmarks were available for sale individually in early 2023 at 8.95 each, or a pack of three (being one of each design) for 16.99. They could also be bought in a pack of five identical bookmarks for 24.99.

The full collection comprises:

file reference No: Bookmark Title  
cash-bm0776 POST  
cash-bm0777 (image above) EMBLEM  
cash-bm0778 UNION  

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