Queen Victoria

(continental card mount)

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gc 2 not recorded No Postcards listed by Sprake not listed

Grant woven silk of Queen Victoria mounted in a continental card mount

Woven on Silk:-



Printed at bottom of card:-
cm long by cm deep

cm long by cm deep


There are recorded a number of silk postcards with continental cards, all with GRANT woven silks. These seem to originate from France, and there is a theory these silks were taken to Paris in 1900 by a member of the Grant family, where they were mounted and exhibited at the Paris Expo. The problem with this theory is that Britain was the first country to allow divided back postcards (which this card has) in 1902, not in 1900.
In any event, as the British post office would not allow woven silk postcards to be posted before circa 1902, the only way this card could be sent to the UK was inside another envelope. It is probable therefore that this card was exclusively for the foreign market.

The actual woven silk is of Queen Victoria, woven by GRANT, and recorded as go288: Victoria, Her Majesty Queen - Mother of Nations (larger version).

view of reverse of this card
view of reverse of this card, showing the French printed words

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