Lord Charles Beresford

(no title)

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same postcard of Lord Charles Beresford without title, but with later designed Grant printed border   Postcard of Lord Charles Beresford, although without title, and with very early Grant printed border

Woven on Silk:-


Printed at top of card:-


Printed at bottom of card:-
W. H. GRANT & Co.
cm deep by cm wide

cm deep by cm wide

There is no makers name printed on the card, although as the printed design is exclusively that of GRANT, there can be no doubt as to the weaver.

In the Grant Price List, is recorded as Number 120 " ADMIRAL LORD CHARLES BERESFORD ".

Beresford was born on 10 February 1846, and died on 6 September 1919. Between 1859 and 1916, he was styled as Lord Charles Beresford, and in 1916 he became Baron Beresford and left parliament.
He was promoted to Rear-Admiral in 1898, Vice-Admiral in 1902 and to Admiral in 1903.

The printed card frame on the right above was of the 1902 - 1903 period.


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