Jubilee Trophy

Her Majesty Queen Victoria portrait, the Royal Arms, emblems etc

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:-
go 286 955c and 1020 Sprake did not record any Grants

loose silk portrait of Victoria, with
emblems of state above portrait
and Royal Arms below portrait
Portrait of Queen Victoria, with Royal Arms woven below portrait and Emblems of State above
same woven silk mounted in cut down original card matt
same portrait silk of Queen Victoria, still mounted in origianl card matt
this image was reproduced from the January 2023 edition of
the Stevengraph Collectors Association newsletter.

Printed at top of card:-



Woven on Silk:-

1837   JUBILEE   1887
image of Emblems of State
{being the sword and sceptre}
portrait of Queen Victoria
Royal Coat of Arms  

Printed at bottom of card:-


Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria

Loose silk:
circa - 13.0cm deep by 7.0cm wide
circa - 22.0cm deep by (cut down) 15.0cm wide
by Geoffrey Godden:
This multi-subject picture was originally sold for 1s, and on back-labels of the 1887-8 period is a description in the following terms:
A splendid work of art, consisting of Portrait of the Queen, Royal Arms, Emblems, etc. mounted ready for framing, size 9in X 7in.

Godden actually records the JUBILEE TROPHY twice, once with catalogue number 955c, and a second time, with the words above, as number 1020.

Other comments:
Until the reporting in the January 2023 edition of the Stevengraph Collectors Association (SCA) newsletter, the weaver of the loose silk above was unknown.

As Godden notes, on a number of the Grant portrait back labels is the advertisement of the JUBILEE TROPHY picture. This title however does not appear on any of the Grant woven silks, it is simply a promotional title.

With a detail comparison of the silk above to the description in the back-label advert however, it seems more than likely this silk portrait is the actual JUBILEE TROPHY silk. The Emblems of State comprise the orb, sceptre and sword. The sceptre and sword are included on the silk, although the orb is missing. The Portrait and Royal Arms are both present, and there is nothing else in the woven silk which would have been included in the description.

Again, in comparison, the advertisement says that the overall card matt is 9inches by 7inches (22.9cm by 17.8cm). The mounted SCA portrait above appears to measures circa 22cm deep by 15cm wide. The matt depth is comparable, but not the width. However, with an inspection of the printed title wording of the image above, it will be seen that this card matt has probably been cut down to fit an outer frame.


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