Portraits of His Majesty King Edward VII and Her Majesty Queen Alexandra, on same card mount

Their Majestys

King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra

on a single card-mount

Reference Number:- Godden Number:- Sprake Number:-
go 12 953a Sprake did not record any Grants

Woven on Silk:-
on image of Edward VII:
RD. No. 370718
on image of Alexandra:
RD. No. 370915


Printed at bottom of card:-
King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

22.8 cm deep by 30.5 cm wide

13.7 cm high by 9.0 cm wide (each)


by Geoffrey Godden:
A rare version of Her Majesty Queen Alexandra [see go52] is found mounted on the same card as King Edward VII [see go168].

Other comments:
As noted by Godden, this silk comprises the portraits of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra mounted in a single card frame.
The title being " THEIR MAJESTYS . . . "; an unusual spelling. Grant also made a second silk with the same pair of portraits mounted on a single card, with the slightly different title of "THEIR MAJESTIES . . . " [recorded as go8].

Godden does not specifically record either of these titles, although he does include an image of the version shown above, as plate 294.

In the version above, Edward is on the left, and Alexandra on the right. In the alternative go8 version, their positions are reversed, so that they appear to be looking towards each other.


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